Jul 23

Long Island Pulse Magazine

“This attorney has been called 'unbeatable' by opponents and peers alike for his successful handling of cases.  In fact, he has had so many headlines, he is practically a media persona himself.” - … [Read more...]


"I'm Glad I had an amazing lawyer like Mr. Scaring" - New York City Police Officer, Anthony Battisti, after his acquittal for attempted murder in the 1st degree. … [Read more...]

The New Yorker

"Scaring a tall, slender man is a criminal-defense attorney of renown on Long Island. He has a reputation for taking cases that seem unwinnable- and winning them." … [Read more...]

Long Island Business News

"When the media has convicted you and the case hasn't even gotten out of the jury pool room yet, drop a dime and get Scaring over to the courthouse pronto." … [Read more...]

ADA Peter Reese, Lead Prosecutor St. John’s Sex Abuse Case

"The man is definitely a fine trial attorney. He made some gutsy moves and he played that jury right." … [Read more...]

Long Island Business News

"Lawyer of Last Resort" … [Read more...]

New York Magazine

"Battle-hardened Trial Vet" … [Read more...]

Gary DelaRaba, President of the Nassau County PBA as reported by the New York Times

"Scaring's the Best" … [Read more...]